The Roost | Wiffle Ball Stats

Smack down but then you get up
turn back around but i put you on the ground again and again

silenced but then you speak up
only with a fist in your mouth, you never really heard it again

tied up like a pinata
if you only saw her
you'd never take a hit for the team oh oh
waiting for the Messiah,
you were a liar,
taking on a six ton body slam

there was a time,
when you were right,
and i was on the wrong side of the train,
and you were here, and i was blue
in Mississippi with a small town attitude.
i was the one, who waited in the wrong line,
for a long time, and for you
i'd do it all again

an innocent man walks in
sat down,
it was a fat crowd,
a giggle and hat crowd again,
feet up laid back,
he missed the attack,
it was a quick smack,
got him in the head again

she said she was a model,
should have been a bottle:
can never tell they're dirty
or they're clean
i dug a whole to China,
all for a vagina,
west on territory avenue

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