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Suck level (1-10): 10

If my FiOS hadn't been disconnected (and I wasn't half way to Candy Mountain), I would have pulled the plug on this chick flick before my testicles had the chance to shrivel up like a couple of raisins. Fellas, if you think watching this with your lady friend will get you some sexy time, think again—you will pay the price. Jack Black, shame on you! Cameron Diaz, you were funnier in Gangs of New York. Jude Law, try not to be prettier than your leading lady next time around. Kate Winslet, you made the most out of a bad situation, but come on now! You're a five time Academy Award-nominated Emmy Award-nominated BAFTA, Grammy and Screen Actors Guild Award winning English actress, not a studio whore...

And I forgot to say, you're review is completely accurate...

It should be come on "Now" not know...

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