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Fact: In 1992, nicknames like "Spictor" (good guy, btw) were so controversial that no one thought twice about it being published in the yearbook.

Recently, a friend/colleague was forced into early retirement for using the word "mammy" while passing a piece of paper to another colleague. I had to look it up myself, but baby boomer's and beyond know it as the following.

To be fair, she is old enough to know what she was saying and she was never known for having the greatest filter in or out of the office. But also to be fair, one of her most trusted confidants (25 years and counting) is black and she spent the last 25 years serving an underprivileged, inner-city community for which she truly cared.

I say this: if her accuser really believes she meant prejudice, fine. It sucks we live in the world we live for both the accused and the accuser. But if the accuser used this slip of the tongue to end the career of the accused just because she simply didn't like her? Well, at least I have cleared my conscience, beotch.

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