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This happens to me a lot (very Celestine Prophecy).

Last night, I caught Robin Williams' (very Insomniac) guest appearence on Law & Order: SVU. Williams plays an audio engineer who hates conformity, authority, etc. After he beats the wrap, he appears on "Morning Joe" with Joe Scarborough and a sheep that represents a social awareness campaign he's launching. Ok. So then (after the show), I get on the interweb only to stuble upon the following about a graphic designer in NYC who is the creator of consumeŽevolution magazine, dedicated to exposing growing complacency with globalization and consumerism and offering viable alternatives to a “mass-produced” lifestyle. And wouldn't you know it, there's that friggin sheep and non-conformist rhetoric again. With that said, it's an interesting project (and good SVU minus the ending). Link via
It's been nearly three years since I produced issue 1 of consumeŽ, an examination of, and rant against, the marketing and business practices of corporate retail behemoths and our readiness to buy into whatever is served up. I pushed for deliberate, personal, buying habits. Now, on the event of my 30th birthday, I've launched into an experiment devised to put my money where my mouth is: become aware of my own dependence on blind consumption, and gain an understanding of the people and processes involved in making commodities available to me.

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