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My sis recently took some time off to a record a demo album with friend and guitarist Johnny Myles White. Now, while she'll probably kill me for for saying so, Annie fanboys & girls will know this is not her singing debut. At first, I thought I'd only have the wikipedia entry to go on. But thanks to my friend the interweb and YouTube user DaneilSelby1965 (I still can't freakin' believe it), I have the audio AND visual!

Anyway, the intent here wasn't to embarrass Aileen, but rather to give props to her (and Johnny) on their debut together. My top 3 from the album below...

Drew,any updates on this? I've been looping these three songs to death, would love to hear more. Any chance I could get my hands on a promo copy or something? I promise not to ebay it! :)

Linked to you from Aileen's Facebook fan page, and my blog. More people need to hear this!

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ABACAB72/Sughosh, get the word out...demo album has yet to be picked up...btw, it's about time this blog's comments section woke up...leave it to the Annie fans!

is this album for sale? If so, where can I get a copy?

PS.. come on, don't you think your wonderful sis deserves her own web site? I mean the myspace tribute is very sweet and all, but an official home on the web WOULD be nice!

Wow, awesome awesomeness! These songs are simply beautiful. Must say, over 20 years Aileen's voice has matured wonderfully and yet still retains quite a bit of that childish charm. When is this scheduled for release? I wanna preorder dammit!

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