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Wish I grew up in Germany...
The birthplace of kindergarten is returning to its roots. While schools and parents elsewhere push young children to read, write and surf the Internet earlier in order to prepare for an increasingly cutthroat global economy, some little Germans are taking a less traveled path -- deep into the woods.









Putting the cart before the horse, but nevertheless, caught the above clip while reading page 2 of Newsweek's Falling Man story...


+31 far the best Mitchell report headline to date.



Not if Mrs. Clause has something to say about it!



I thought pot was a Gateway drug? Link via Engadget...
Oh, how the mighty have fallen: Ben Curtis, famous just a few years ago as "Steven the Dell Dude," is now a waiter / bartender at Tortilla Flats in New York. Although the Steven ads were hugely popular and generated tons of buzz (and revenue) for Dell, the company eventually dropped the campaign after Ben got arrested for buying pot in 2003 -- shocking no one who actually watched the commercials, but apparently not the message Dell wanted to send the parents fronting the cash for all those machines.





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