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Imagine a bearded grad student being handed a dozen AT&T executives, all in pin-striped suits and quite a bit older and cooler. And Iím giving them a tour. And when I say a tour, theyíre standing behind me while Iím typing on one of these terminals. Iím traveling around the Arpanet showing them: Ooh, look. You can do this. And Iím in U.C.L.A. in Los Angeles now. And now Iím in San Francisco. And now Iím in Chicago. And now Iím in Cambridge, Massachusetts ó isnít this cool? And as Iím giving my demo, the damned thing crashed.

And I turned around to look at these 10, 12 AT&T suits, and they were all laughing. And it was in that moment that AT&T became my bÍte noire, because I realized in that moment that these sons of bitches were rooting against me.

To this day, I still cringe at the mention of AT&T. Thatís why my cell phone is a T-Mobile. The rest of my family uses AT&T, but I refuse.



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