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When the weather turned violent and stormy on Tuesday evening, Lori Mehmen, who lives in the small farming town of Orchard in northeastern Iowa, looked out her front door and saw a funnel cloud bearing down — and evidently had the presence of mind to grab her digital camera and capture this shot before taking cover. The local paper, The Mitchell County Press-News, posted the photo on Wednesday and The Associated Press picked it up today.



All we are is dust in the wind, dude. Link via Astronomy Picture of the Day. Blockquote via Kitsune Noir...
Seriously though, space is the place. I was reading an article over on Wired and in traditional me fashion, I end up straying somewhere else following a link and stumble on something else that gets me all excited. The photo above is a photo of The Milky Way viewed from the Kofa Mountains in Arizona, and it’s one of those things you see and you can’t believe it’s real. I honestly can’t think of anything more awesome than this. If you asked me who would win in a fight, I would bet The Milky Way over anyone or anything else, that’s just how bad-ass that galaxy is.



...And here's what it looks like from the ground up.



Wish I grew up in Germany...
The birthplace of kindergarten is returning to its roots. While schools and parents elsewhere push young children to read, write and surf the Internet earlier in order to prepare for an increasingly cutthroat global economy, some little Germans are taking a less traveled path -- deep into the woods.



Designer crab shells. Who knew? (link via





Definitely is.


This scene can be seen @ Google Maps. Thanks to the nice find, Kozuik. Click on the image to the location.



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