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About time.



Ingenious. Link via Design No Doubt...

A bar of soap becomes smaller and smaller as it is used, and it becomes more and more difficult to use. So we used to throw it away. 'Soap bank' helps us to save small pieces of soap as if it is a saving box so that it naturally helps the user to finish the whole. 'Soap bank' can help us use whole soap.



As if the water/gas-tight seal wasn't brilliant enough, the "color wheel" area represents what would be a full color, high resolution ad. Developed by the future gazillionaires @ Davis Advertising Inc. Blockquote via DVICE...
The inventor says his invention can create a completely gas-tight and liquid-tight seal. An added incentive toward this ideaís adoption is a space on the resealed top for advertising. That right there would pay for the can itself. Or, the soda (or beer) company could display contest results, letting you know if youíre a winner. Itís about time someone improved those 250 billion drink cans consumed annually.








A great roundup of "hacker" Firefox extensions via Dark Reading...


A neat little text-to-speech that converts any text into a sound file pieced together using clips from pop and rock songs. There's a pretty eclectic mix of source material in there, try to work out what song each word comes from...



Daniel said he got the idea for the GPS shoes after his eight-year-old son in 2002 was mistakenly listed as missing from school.

"After that incident I began doing research on missing children and I found that this happens mainly with children ages eight, nine, 10 and teens," Daniel, who is based in Miami, Florida, told AFP. "I just kept going with the research until I found a solution."

The solution was a line of men's and women's sneakers in 19 color combinations outfitted with a GPS chip that communicates with four international satellites.

In the event of trouble the wearer can activate the chip by pressing a button on the sneaker for at least six seconds. The emergency signal is then transmitted to a 24-monitoring service that costs 20 dollars a month.

Daniel said once the alarm is raised the monitoring service notifies authorities.

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