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Christmas is just around the corner. via







Is it just me or does Jesus bare an uncanny resemblance to Chuck Norris? See also GODzilla! Link & blockquote via Flickr...
Jesus Christ

Positives: Impressive stamina. Historically known for taking a beating, staying on his feet. Has history of miraculous resurrection.

Negatives: Invented Pacifism. Dangerous habit of turning the other cheek.

Charles Darwin

Positives: Invented Natural Selection. Understands what's at stake with "Survival of the Fittest".

Negatives: Theology student, nearly became an Anglican parson. Mixed feelings punching his Lord's Only Son and Savior in the face.







Definitely is.



Why subject yourself to an awkward, mortal conversation when you can speak directly with the Almighty one Himself? With iGod, not to be confused with iGod, repenting is just an IM away...

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